Commercial Windows

NFRC administers a Commercial Product Certification Program called the Component Modeling Approach. The Component Modeling Approach (CMA) is an online database of energy performance information for window, door, and skylight components, which offers the following:
  • Helps non-residential manufacturers see how changing one component can affect overall energy efficiency.
  • Provides information on which components can be combined.
  • Determines whole product energy performance ratings for fenestration systems.
For more information on the commercial program, please contact:
Kevin Louder, Senior Manager, Commercial Program
Tom Herron, Senior Director, Market Insight and Transformation

Case Studies

Studies of high-performance building facades using emerging technologies.

PIER Report: High-Performance Facades – Design Strategies and Applications in North America and Northern Europe

Report from the Center for the Built Environment

Byron Rogers Federal Building – Denver, Colorado

Case Study

New York Times Building – New York, New York

Case Study

Lutron Lighting Study

NREL Research Support Facility – Denver, Colorado

Research Support Facility – A Model of Super Efficiency

Research Support Facility – Leadership in Building Performance

Research Support Facility – An Energy Performance Update

Research Support Facility – The Road to Net Zero

The Terry Thomas – Seattle, Washington

Old Concepts (An article from High Performance Buildings, Summer 2010)