Measuring Performance: ENERGY STAR® Windows

The Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have developed an ENERGY STAR designation for products meeting certain energy performance criteria.

Windows that have the ENERGY STAR designation will be labeled showing the zones in which it is qualified.

Since energy efficient performance of windows, doors, and skylights varies by climate, product recommendations are given for four U.S. climate zones. For making comparisons among ENERGY STAR products, use the NFRC label or the NFRC Certified Products Directory.

Climate Zones

ES v7_North

ES v7_North_Central

ES v7_South_Central

ES v7_South

ES_ME_2023Windows for residential buildings are eligible for ENERGY STAR Most Efficient recognition in 2023.

View the criteria for windows for the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Program.

Information and data on this website follow the U.S. ENERGY STAR criteria. Canada is an international partner in the ENERGY STAR program. The criteria for fenestration in Canada are different than in the United States. For information on products in Canada, see Natural Resourses Canada.