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Residential Windows: A Guide to New Technology and Energy Performance, 3rd Edition

John Carmody, Stephen Selkowitz, Dariush Arasteh and Lisa Heschong

The Department of Energy’s Windows and Glazing Research Program supported the development of this book. Support was provided through Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Significant support, computer analysis, text and graphics were contributed by many experts in the window and glazing industry and research community.

The third edition of Residential Windows: A Guide to New Technologies and Energy Performance provides updated and expanded information on window properties and technologies, as well as new sections on such key topics as window installation, energy efficiency, and building codes. For this latest edition, all of the energy performance data have been revised, based on the latest simulation techniques and industry-accepted assumptions. Residential Windows provides an overview of new window products for consumers, designers, and builders, as well as regulators, standards developers, utilities, and the researchers, manufacturers, and suppliers in the window industry itself. It is an essential resource for anyone considering purchasing or installing new windows.

July 2007 / 247 Pages

Window Systems for High-performance Buildings

John Carmody, Stephen Selkowitz, Eleanor S. Lee, Dariush Arasteh and Todd Willmert

A sustainable design process is intended to produce high-performance buildings that are energy-efficient, healthy, economical in the long run, and use resources wisely to minimize the impact on the environment. Properly designed windows play an important role in achieving these energy and environmental goals and contribute to the comfort, satisfaction, and productivity of building occupants as well.

The challenge in designing facades and selecting windows in commercial buildings is balancing many issues and criteria. This fact-packed guide provides critical information and performance data on the energy efficiency, interior environment, and technical considerations that drive window design decisions.

January 2004 / 400 Pages

Residential Windows: A Guide to New Technology and Energy Performance

Window Systems for High-performance Buildings