State Code Guides

The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) is residential buildings’ most commonly adopted model energy code. It is updated every three years, with the most recent version being the 2012 IECC. These guides help determine the IECC requirements for each state and county under each version of the code. These guides do not include state-specific or local amendments and do not necessarily reflect the code adopted in your jurisdiction. They are not intended to be an official compliance tool unless your local code official has approved them as an acceptable method of compliance. In addition, note that these guides do not address commercial building requirements.

The Building Codes Assistance Project (BCAP) tracks the status of the building energy codes adopted in states or local jurisdictions. Check with BCAP to determine the specific code that applies to your location. Select the appropriate code fact sheet from the table below if your local or state code is based on the IECC without amendments regarding windows.

State 2018 IECC (pdf) 2015 IECC (pdf) 2012 IECC (pdf)
Alabama AL-2018 AL-2015 AL-2012
Alaska AK-2018 AK-2015 AK-2012
Arizona AZ-2018 AZ-2015 AZ-2012
Arkansas AR-2018 AR-2015 AR-2012
California CA-2018 CA-2015 CA-2012
Colorado CO-2018 CO-2015 CO-2012
Connecticut CT-2018 CT-2015 CT-2012
Delaware DE-2018 DE-2015 DE-2012
District of Columbia DC-2018 DC-2015
Florida FL-2018 FL-2015 FL-2012
Georgia GA-2018 GA-2015 GA-2012
Hawaii HI-2018 HI-2015 HI-2012
Idaho ID-2018 ID-2015 ID-2012
Illinois IL-2018 IL-2015 IL-2012
Indiana IN-2018 IN-2015 IN-2012
Iowa IA-2018 IA-2015 IA-2012
Kansas KS-2018 KS-2015 KS-2012
Kentucky KY-2018 KY-2015 KY-2012
Louisiana LA-2018 LA-2015 LA-2012
Maine ME-2018 ME-2015 ME-2012
Maryland MD-2018 MD-2015 MD-2012
Massachusetts MA-2018 MA-2015 MA-2012
Michigan MI-2018 MI-2015 MI-2012
Minnesota MN-2018 MN-2015 MN-2012
Mississippi MS-2018 MS-2015 MS-2012
Missouri MO-2018 MO-2015 MO-2012
Montana MT-2018 MT-2015 MT-2012
Nebraska NE-2018 NE-2015 NE-2012
Nevada NV-2018 NV-2015 NV-2012
New Hampshire NH-2018 NH-2015 NH-2012
New Jersey NJ-2018 NJ-2015 NJ-2012
New Mexico NM-2018 NM-2015 NM-2012
New York NY-2018 NY-2015 NY-2012
North Carolina NC-2018 NC-2015 NC-2012
North Dakota ND-2018 ND-2015 ND-2012
Ohio OH-2018 OH-2015 OH-2012
Oklahoma OK-2018 OK-2015 OK-2012
Oregon OR-2018 OR-2015 OR-2012
Pennsylvania PA-2018 PA-2015 PA-2012
Rhode Island RI-2018 RI-2015 RI-2012
South Carolina SC-2018 SC-2015 SC-2012
South Dakota SD-2018 SD-2015 SD-2012
Tennessee TN-2018 TN-2015 TN-2012
Texas TX-2018 TX-2015 TX-2012
Utah UT-2012 UT-2009
Vermont VT-2018 VT-2015 VT-2012
Virginia VA-2018 VA-2015 VA-2012
Washington WA-2018 WA-2015 WA-2012
West Virginia WV-2018 WV-2015 WV-2012
Wisconsin WI-2018 WI-2015 WI-2012
Wyoming WY-2018 WY-2015 WY-2012
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